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[Episode 49] How the Healthcare Bill Affects You As a Teacher

June 24th, 2017

cIn this episode, Franchesca Warren interviews John Palmer from, T.R.A.G.I.C, as we discuss why teachers should be concerned about what's in this "new" health care bill and why teachers must fight political party partisan when it comes to our livelihood. During the interview the following topics are discussed:

  • how T.R.A.G.I.C. changed the face of healthcare in Georgia when teachers were faced with
  • how this new medical bill has the potential to severely change how students in our classroom are serviced 
  • why teachers must put aside partisan and vote for their livelihood


To learn more about T.R.A.G.I.C., please contact John at any of the following contacts.




[Episode 48] Training Teachers to Be Students

June 24th, 2017

In this episode, Franchesca interviews Adrian Layne, a veteran English/Language Arts teacher who runs a magnet program that trains students to be teachers. In this conversation we discuss: 

  • the inception of her teacher training program
  • the increase and/or decline of student enrollment 
  • the collaboration between elementary teachers and the students

and everything in between! If you've been considering some ways that teachers can train up the next generation of teachers, this is a great episode to listen to and leave us feedback on! 

To get in contact with Adrian, click here.



[Episode 47] Living Your Best Life: A Teacher’s Story on Being Fit and Finally Free

June 23rd, 2017

In this episode, Franchesca Warren, interviews Almetria Turner from Fit and Finally Free about her journey from being 347 pounds to losing 177 pounds- without pills, teas, or surgery. In this episode, Almetria not only discusses her journey but the round blocks she encountered and why teachers have to be physically healthy. Note: Almetria will be a workshop presenter at the Teacher Self-Care One-Day Workshop in Memphis, October 7th, 2017! 

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[Episode 46] Teaching With Mr. D! Social Media Is Not the Enemy

May 19th, 2017

Ever since I saw Mr. D's clip on The Ellen Show, I have been in love with his infectious smile and bubbly personality! Since Social Media is such a huge deal in every school, we thought it would be interesting to discuss how one teacher makes it work for his fourth-grade students.

Mr. Dombrowski has built a pretty influential social media following documenting his every move with his 4th-grade class. In this episode, Mr. D shares his thoughts on teachers using social media in the classroom. We discuss everything from how he ended up on The Ellen Show, the appropriate use of social media in the classroom, gaining parental permission, etc. 

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[Episode 45] Why Every Teacher Should Get a Career Counselor

April 18th, 2017

Statistics show that during the first five years of teaching, the majority of new teachers will leave the profession. What's even more staggering is trying to figure out what do these teachers end up doing after they leave the field of education? 

In the opening of Season 3 of our podcast, we interview Andrea Holyfield from LiveWellCPS as she gives some honest advice not only for teachers trying to leave the profession but those who want to stay in the profession. Andrea presented at our Teacher Self-Care Conference and attendees were BLOWN away with the practical advice she gave for teachers to transition to other careers.


During this conversation we discuss: 

  • the biggest mistakes teachers make when looking for jobs. 
  • the types of jobs that are actively looking for teachers
  • how to transfer your skills from being a classroom teacher into corporate America
  • and much more! 

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To get ahold of Andrea, please check out her website ( and tell her found her on our podcast! 


[Episode 44] Why Education Should Not Be Partisan Issue: What Is Teacher Resistance?

January 16th, 2017

In this episode, Franchesca Warren talks with Ruben Brosbe about his movement #teacherresistance in response to an increase in bullying, racism, xenophobia among school children. We discuss the following issues: 

  • Why education should not be a partisan issue. 
  • Does resistance only affect teachers who work in minority schools? 
  • The election of Donald Trump and what that means to teachers. 
  • How we can bridge the understanding gaps with teachers who identify as Democrats and Conservatives. 



[Episode 43] What is The Whole Teacher Conference?

January 16th, 2017

In this mini episode, Franchesca Warren discusses The Educator's Room upcoming Whole Teacher Conference on March 25th, 2017. To learn more about this event please click here. To register click here


[Episode 42] : When Is It Time for Teachers to Leave the Profession?

January 7th, 2017

How many times have you wondered is it time for you to leave the classroom and explore other career options? As teachers sometimes it's daily. Listen to podcast host, Franchesca Warren, discuss when teachers should leave (or stay) in the classroom. 


[Episode 41] What’s Best for Children?

December 24th, 2016

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In this episode, Franchesca Warren interviews Susan Ochshorn, the brilliant mind behind ECE PolicyWorks.For nearly two decades, Susan has worked in a broad range of settings at the local, state, and national levels to bridge research, policy, and practice, to integrate ECE into the larger education reform conversation, and to catalyze social change. In this episode, we discuss a multitude of topics around the common theme, "what's best for children". We discuss what the formative years schooling is supposed to look like and how teachers can fight the machine of overtesting.


[Episode 40] Who Will Save the Teachers? A Conversation About Teacher Depression

November 26th, 2016

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In this episode, Franchesca starts the conversation around teacher depression with four teachers who been through the arduous struggle of teaching while depressed. We discuss the following: - what does the word depression mean for them? - how can school districts can be allies with teachers in self-care -how a clinical diagnosis of depression gives teachers some leeway in their treatment - among other things. Please share and review this podcast and share with a teacher!