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[Episode 50] Being Black at School

July 23rd, 2017

in this episode, Franchesca Warren interviews Kelly Hurst, Executive Director of Being Black at School, as we discussed the realities of being black at school-the good, bad, and ugly. This episode doesn't do the obligatory talk about "race" but they go "deep" into not only the realities but what teachers can do to really do the work. In this episode, we discuss...

  • the background of how being Black in School was started
  • the bias that many teachers have towards students of color
  • why the work of Being in Black in School is needed
  • why being colorblind does not help a situation
  • three things for educators to do TODAY to start the work of deconstructing an educational system that swallows our most vulnerable students. 

Resources Discussed in this episode:

Here's how to connect to Kelly:
10 Things Schools Can Do Today for Black Students on our Medium channel